CAMUS is the international Users Group for the MANMAN, MK, and MAXCIM ERP software on HP3000, VMS, UNIX, and Intel platforms. Formed in 1985, CAMUS has given users a unique opportunity to interact, learn, and share information and experiences, and to make valuable connections.

Membership is free and is open, not only to companies that use MANMAN, MK, or MAXCIM, but also to companies that offer products and services to users. CAMUS offers these associate members a number of opportunities to promote their products and services.


Wednesday April 16, 2014 10:30am Central Daylight Savings

Registration ***No Charge but you Must Register***

Send an email to (registration closes on Tuesday April 15th)

Conference phone number will be emailed to registrants prior to the meeting

Questions to Terri 630.212.4314


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First I’d like to thank any and all that have answered so many of my questions over the past 10 years (can’t believe a decade has passed since… started this job!). This has been a great experience.

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Once again, the power of the MANMAN list brain trust solves a problem within minutes. What an amazing group of people!! Thank you all very

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