Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

The purpose of CAMUS is to provide a forum for companies using manufacturing computer applications (MANMAN, MK, other ERP software) to exchange and share information through educational events, to establish mutual support and peer contacts, and to provide a knowledge base of products and services available from associated suppliers in the interest of all members.

CAMUS provides opportunities for users to interact with, learn from, and discuss issues of common interest with each other. CAMUS partners with the APICS organization which educates and sets industry standards worldwide.

CAMUS supports the growing globalization of our manufacturing organizations whose sites around the world include the Americas, Europe, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. Our virtual format promotes environmental stewardship, and we provide topics to improve business processes for ‘green’ sustainability through technology and supply chain means.

CAMUS and its Board of Directors will continue to encourage ‘Users Helping Users’.


Statement of Direction

2009 was a year of change for CAMUS, the 25 year-old user’s group for MANMAN and manufacturing software for the HP3000/MPE and VAX/ALPHA/Integrity/OpenVMS platforms. As MANMAN and the surrounding software and hardware of its independent ecosystems continues to provide sustainable use, the number of companies still using it for their mission critical enterprise systems has stabilized in the low hundreds. There are fewer than 30 companies and individuals paying CAMUS membership dues, a less than 10% participation rate. The CAMUS Board of Directors, consisting of eight individuals who have represented MANMAN from all aspects for many years, as users and suppliers, has taken various actions at the most recent Board Meetings that we wish to communicate to the membership. The Board has had 10 monthly meetings in 2008. The Spring Virtual Meeting of all members and the September Annual Conference in Kansas City provided open discussion among all members about the future direction as membership dwindles.

Actions taken include lowering annual membership rates to $200 ($300 for Associates) beginning in 2009 and completely eliminating dues in 2010. Any member who is paid up by 12/31/08 will not be charged dues again. This action became possible because of the self-managed style adopted by the Board, eliminating reliance on a paid Association management firm. After December 31, 2008, CAMUS is completely volunteer-managed and maintained. CAMUS International, Inc. will continue to be a non-profit, incorporated in the state of California, with a few thousand dollars in cash reserves. Annual expenses are expected to be in the hundreds of dollars instead of tens of thousands as in past years. Our best assets are our Newsletter, Web Site and List Server, which enables users to post questions and solutions online. The Board will encourage widespread membership after 2010 and sponsorship of the ASKMANMAN List Server will remain our highest priority.

No face-to-face meetings are planned for the next two years. With sponsorship assistance, a few Virtual Meetings in webinar format may be held, to keep in touch and up-to-date on industry trends. The CAMUS.org website will continue to be maintained and enhanced by Chris Jones and will be the repository of all digital artifacts related to MANMAN. Submissions are welcomed. Physical memorabilia and records have been transferred to the offices of the new Executive Directors: the President, Terri Glendon Lanza and Secretary/Treasurer, Terry Simpkins.

The current Board is committed to staying on as volunteers for the foreseeable future and will serve until attrition takes its course. CAMUS will continue to facilitate and sustain our motto: ‘Users Helping Users’.